1. Applicability

In these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms are to be understood as:

Labelcrush: also referred to as ‘website’ or ‘platform’; trademark of ‘STYLE SCOOP BVBA’ with registered office at TOLSTRAAT 39, 2000 Antwerpen and registered under company number 0543.359.554. Labelcrush is the abbreviation of the websites, and

'User': Every possible party that may use the Labelcrush-website, regardless their factual position as seller, buyer or mere visitor.

‘Privacy act’: Belgian act of 8 december 1992 for the protection of privacy in respect to the processing of personal data.

2. To which ends will my data be used?

Labelcrush attaches great importance to the protection of your privacy and personal data. Labelcrush will use your data only in accordance to the Privacy act and other relevant current legal prescriptions.
Firstly, we will use your personal data to guarantee the proper technical operation of our website. Data will be requested to this end. Furthermore Labelcrush allows the users to make a website-registration, which requires personal data from the users. Such registration is a requirement for users that want to perform a buying- or selling-action on the platform.
The collected personal data can be used to provide you with informative, commercial and non-commercial news updates, new promotions or products of Labelcrush (like upgrades or updates of our products), important news updates, et cetera.
Your data may be accessed or transferred to third parties or partners such as sellers. This can be done for the purpose of fulfilling entered obligations, but also for informative or publicity purposes.  Your personal data itself will never be sold or transferred to third parties. Labelcrush has taken all possible legal and technical precautions to avoid unauthorized access and usage. Labelcrush’s IT-systems and Labelcrush will take al possible measures to minimize theft and/or damage. For this reason Labelcrush will not be held liable for identity theft, data theft or information-crime. Labelcrush however engages to notify the concerned data subject in case of such a breach.

3. Which personal data are collected?

For the application of the Privacy Act, ‘personal data’ means: every piece of information concerning an identifiable individual. ‘Identifiable’ is defined as any individual that can be identified directly (or indirectly) using an ID number or an element that is typical for his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.
Every individual has the right to the protection of his fundamental rights and freedom, especially for the protection of his privacy. Labelcrush acknowledges this right and makes great efforts to enhance this right in practice and online. The Privacy Act is only applicable to (total or partial) automated process of personal data, or in case of manual processing when personal data are written in a file.
The personal data need be processed in an honest and rightful way, obtained for precisely defined and justifiable ends. The purposes are explicitly defined in title 2. Labelcrush only collects the data that can be described as necessary, useful and sufficient for the website-purposes. The data collection is in no way excessive.
We can also collect analytic data around the usage and installation of our website. These analytic data is often anonymous and is used only to judge the performance of our website.

4. Will location data be stored?

The analytic data (Google Analytics for example) of Labelcrush do indeed show location data. Based on these data your (putative) location can be defined and displayed on a map (‘Map’). These indications (based on an IP-address) however, are far from accurate, and therefore largely insufficient to determine your exact location.
We use the location data not to identify you, but to guarantee the proper technical performance of the website.

5. Who is responsible for processing?

‘The responsible for processing’ is defined as any individual or legal entity that, in cooperation with others or by itself, defines the purpose and means for the processing of personal data.
Labelcrush is responsible for the processing. Labelcrush defines the purpose (title 2) and the legal and technical means for processing. Labelcrush however does not process the data itself; this is the work of the actual processor.

6. Who is the actual processor?

‘Processor’ is defined as the individual or legal entity who, commissioned by the ‘responsible for processing’ processes the personal data, except the individuals who, under the direct authority of the responsible for processing, are authorized to process the data.
As actual processor is indicated: Combell Group NV, Skaldenstraat 121, 9042 Gent, Belgium, registered company-number BE-0475.231.011. The actual processor is responsible for the proper technical performance of the website (data-transmission). The responsible for processing does not accept any liability for the loss or corruption of data, identity theft, data theft, viruses or trojan horses, SQL-injections or other attacks on the IT-systems or online cloud portals. The actual processor decides in an autonomous way about the best technical application to process the data, and does so from his professional expertise. The responsible for processing cannot be expected to have this same expertise and speciality.
This processer offers sufficient guarantees with respect to the technical and organizational measures of security with regard to the data that needs be processed and thus meets the requirements set by Article 16, §1 of the Privacy Act.

7. Which rights do I have?

The responsible for processing and/ or actual processor, has to at least provide the user with the following information, at latest on the moment at which the data are collected:
- Name and address of the responsible for processing: title 1 and 5.
- Name and address of the actual processor: title 6.
- Purposes of processing: title 2.
- Duration of the processing: We will not store your data for a period of time longer than strictly necessary. We will however keep an archive of your data, as long as your account is active, or when your personal data is necessary to be able to offer a certain service. Should you wish to stop or delete your account, please address a registered letter to Labelcrush.
- The existence of the right to oppose to the intended processing of your personal data on request and for fee, in case the processing is performed for the purpose of direct marketing: First and foremost Labelcrush collects or processes personal data to ensure the proper (technical) performance of Labelcrush and it’s website. The collected data can indeed, in case the technical and practical requirements are met, be used for marketing purposes, however: the user can oppose to this by addressing a registered letter to Labelcrush. Labelcrush therefore satisfies the foregoing provision. The software and hardware of Labelcrush need certain data streams, in order to guarantee a proper performance and prognosis/analysis.
- Other additional information, namely: the existence of the right to access to and to improvement of his own personal data: You always posses the legal right to complete, improve or delete your personal data, in whole or partially. Labelcrush commits to responding to your request within 15 working days following the request.  A written request can be sent by mail (title 1) or by e-mail to
When proving your identity, you have the right to receive the necessary information about the processing of your personal data by a simple request.

8. Will my data be used outside of the EU?

Labelcrush is a Belgian enterprise. However processing and/or transmitting of data to countries outside of the EU may occur. Considering article 21 of the Privacy Act, personal data can only be passed on to countries that guarantee the same adequate level of protection, and where the same or similar provisions of the privacy act are observed. The country, duration of transmission and storage, nature of data and precise purpose are criteria that need be examined case per case.
Labelcrush guarantees not to process or store data in countries that do not offer the same guarantees, except in case:
- In case the concerned has given it’s explicit permission;
- In case the transmission is necessary for the implementation of the agreement (between the user and Labelcrush);
- In case the transmission is necessary for the closure or implementation of an agreement, concluded or to be concluded in the interest of the user between the responsible for processing and a third party;
- In case the transmission is necessary or legally obligated (substantial public interest or right);
- In case the transmission happens from a public register, meant for the education of the public.


9. How does Facebook® handle my privacy?

Our Application allows you to share certain information, Promotions or other products with your friends on Facebook®. You can share certain promotions, for instance, to use that specific (shared) promo once again.

To share a promotion, our Application must make a virtual link to your Facebook account (Facebook platform). Facebook® provides our Application with general data (including your User ID, your friends’ User IDs or friend list and your public details).

‘Sharing’ a promotion comes under the category in-app ‘social plug-ins’. Upon your decision to share a promotion via our Application, Facebook® receives data. They save this data for a maximum of 90 days, after which identifiable data is removed. This way, they anonymize all data obtained.  

We advise you to read the complete ‘Data use policy’ on the Facebook® website via

Your privacy is very important to us at Labelcrush. We don’t want our personal data to be made public either, you see. That’s why we think it’s important to inform you extensively in our privacy policy.

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