Protect yourself

Tips for sellers

  • Don’t accept payments through Western Union Bank and Moneygram as it’s very easy to create an account using a false passport . Only do business with people you know when using these banks.
  • Be careful when people "accidentally" pay too much. You will be asked to transfer the difference back into their account and later the payment appears to have been done by a bad cheque . In this case you will have lost your money and the item.
  • Don’t accept payments through cheque . As mentioned above there is a likely chance that they will bounce .



  • Check out all the buyer’s different advertisements and check the feedback he/she was given by previous customers .
  • Ask the seller for contact information : address and telephone number.
  • Only deal with one contact per item , don’t trust multiple contacts for the same item.
  • Sellers with a free e-mail address (hotmail, yahoo, gmail) are anonymous and therefore more difficult to check than sellers with accounts such as Skynet or Telenet.
  • Ask as much questions as you can about the item, even ask for more detailed pictures if it gives you a better idea of the condition of the item.
  • Be careful with sellers from abroad .
  • Beware of large numbers . Someone selling 10 of the same Chanel bags could indicate a scam or stolen goods or counterfeit . (Don’t confuse these with our Companies, who have provided us with a legitimate VAT number and address!).
  • Don’t trust messages that are unclear , incoherent and badly translated .
  • Ask about extra costs beforhand such as transaction costs or ensured shipping so that you don’t have to pay for anything that you didn’t know about.
  • When meeting the seller in person be sure to meet at a public, familiar place .
  • When paying cash only give half of the amount and go get the rest at the bank together with the seller, after you have received and checked the item.
  • When the seller wants to pay via bank transfer , suggest to pay a deposit first and to pay the rest of the amount after having received the item.
  • Be careful with “Third party shipping” transportation companies, be sure to check them out first.
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